Brutally Honest And Factual Review Of VenVici And Its Business Model

VenVici has been called an MLM company besides many other misleading labels including a scam. 

VenVici’s business model is rather unique and easily misunderstood without due research.

More often than not, some people take the easier route of discounting something they do not understand or did not benefit from or simply rubbing it off by labeling it as a scam.

Intelligent people examine all evidence without prejudice before making a judgment. 

We have taken the liberty to dive deeper into VenVici, what the company really is and what it is doing.

VenVici’s successful model revolves around its innovative and revolutionary “Affiliate Incentivised Marketing”. 

“Affiliate Incentivised Marketing” combines the efficiency of ‘Affiliate Marketing’ with the effectiveness of ‘Incentive Marketing’. 

In Affiliate Marketing, the advertising dollar is paid out to affiliates based on performance or sale generated. 

In the same way, VenVici passes on the marketing budget from its partners to reward participation, app usage and referred product sales. And with its Incentivised Marketing, VenVici presents prizes and rewards to promote or encourage usage and trial of new products and services. 

VenVici’s reinvented business model is unprecedented internationally and could be the main reason why it may be easily misunderstood.

In our opinion, any company remotely close to a scam would not have been able to operate in a very strict and stringent country like Singapore for years and still have a huge base of happy participants.

Ironically, it is also because VenVici engages in strategic, non-linear thought leadership that it is misunderstood for the most part.

VenVici, Much More Than Just A Profit Generating Business?

Besides offering a fair and rewarding affiliate incentivized marketing programme, we also found that VenVici has a strong focus on building up and empowering the entrepreneurial community.

While VenVici is based in Singapore, it has successfully organized many internal educational seminars, workshops and events around the Southeast Asian region over the past few years.

Everyone would agree that there is a need for more quality and results-driven educational programmes that will benefit the many ambitious entrepreneurs in this fast-growing and highly competitive region.

As Helen Keller once said, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”, VenVici believed that if everyone in the community gets stronger, odds are better than the entire region grows stronger.

VenVici announced on 20th June 2019 that it will tap into its international network and set up a specialized events team to present renown speakers and trainers for empowering and educational events for the public. 

These events will undoubtingly educate and arm aspiring individuals with the latest sales, business and marketing knowledge, skills and tools that will not only put them on par with the rest of the world but effectively giving them an edge over the rest.

From our research, we also discovered that VenVici also aims to gather the attendees, “graduates” and driven individuals through these events and form the biggest Mastermind group in Asia.

The concept of the Mastermind group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900s in his timeless classic, “Think & Grow Rich”.

Hill wrote about the Mastermind principle as the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony for a mutually beneficial end.

The Mastermind concept can be more powerful than many actually realized and with an effective Mastermind of a group of driven individuals, the strength of each will be amplified and obstacles will be sliced through like butter.

Even more surprisingly, VenVici took it another step further by introducing the concept of a fusion Mastermind group where the best from the East and the West gather and form an alliance to collectively take on the challenges of the modern competitive business world.

Everyone from this Mastermind group will be freed from the confines of locality and will effectively be introduced and stand to benefit from the ideas from all over the world.

This Fusion Business Mastermind group gathered by VenVici had their first in-person meeting in early July 2019 and with over 1,000 driven entrepreneurs in attendance, they discussed the latest in business development and collectively solved the pressing challenges met by most.

We found this link on The Fusion Business Mastermind Group,

More Steps To Further Empower The Region’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

It’s almost mind-blowing as we dived deeper into what VenVici does to take things to the next level when it comes to empowering the region’s aspiring entrepreneurs.

VenVici believes that the region has no shortage of talents, what they need are opportunities to shine.

After the recent announcement of the offering of upcoming business and training events with an internationally renowned line-up, VenVici will also open up part of its already very successful business of lead generation and crowdsourcing to the region’s aspiring entrepreneurs.

This new affiliate program will allow “graduates” and attendees of the events if they choose to, to test-drive and monetize their newly acquired skills in the real world almost immediately.

Commonly known as a CPA or Cost Per Action / Acquisition program, participants can earn a small commission or reward for their marketing efforts that motivate a lead to perform a simple action. 

These simple actions that can contribute to an eventual sale may include filling out a form, getting a quote or requesting a sample. All of which are critical lead generation skills that successful entrepreneurs require and may be honed through the program.

CPA programs often mistaken for MLM or networking programmes are largely different and commonly deployed by large and established corporations and organizations for the purpose of marketing and promotion. 

This could very well be the best and most effective way to take business neophytes up to speed and ready for the world with the least amount of friction and risks.

Conclusion After Serious Examination Of All Evidence

So in conclusion and with all the evidence we have unraveled together, why anyone sane, thinking and fair would ever label VenVici as a scam is beyond us because a scam is as far on the extreme end of the spectrum as VenVici can be.

We not only found that VenVici’s business model is healthy, fair and respectable, what it does to give back to society and the entrepreneurial community is far and beyond what can be expected from any organization or business.

And with all the efforts from VenVici, it’s hard to imagine not having more incredibly successful entrepreneurs emerging from their part of the world in the very near future.